Main Map & Information

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The map to the right shows the  registration area,  washrooms, general public parking and volunteer parking.  It also shows where the transition area is placed.
For a detailed map of the transitional area please see the swim map (Click here).here to park?

Athletes and spectators:
General public parking can be found at the school, fire hall & motel for the athletes & spectators.
There will be parking attendants on hand to guide you to the parking areas.

Parking for TVT:
click here for parking map

Volunteer parking:
Volunteer parking can be found at  The Flare ‘n Derrick.

Where are the washrooms?

There are various washrooms available on the day See map for exact placement of washrooms.
Swimming Pool:  x 4
Flare ‘n Derrick: x 6
Ball Diamond: x 2

Where to spectate?

Swim – View swim at the pool in the bleachers and on the grassy area inside the fence.
Bike – Watch and cheer cyclists from the sidewalks.
Run – Watch and cheer runners from the grassy area near the gazebo (main muster area).